analog interactive installations

in "New Media Installation: Technology in Public Art"

by Sandu Publications

210 x 285 mm

In "New Media Installation: Technology in Public Art" by Sandu Publications you will get an insightful look into technology-based art installations, with a global selection of artist and designers and their works. Among others you will find my ADA and KALEIDOSCOPE there.

Media Art has gradually been expanded in public installation since 20th century, which reveals the fact that artists began to practice and experiment their artworks with technology and tried more possibilities to influence the communication between human and art. Move on to the 21st century, media technologies have been developed rapidly in variety, which creates a larger space for contemporary art practices and a higher physical participation and social interaction.

In New Media Installation: Technology in Public Art, you will meet a series of fantastic public installations applying with various kinds of new media technologies in the recent years, such as video, projection computers, internet, geo-locational devices and etc.. From small sculpture to large land, from optical impression to physical movements, this book will show you the power of new media art and its fatal influence on both cultural objects and social events.

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