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SILVERSALT - analog interactive installation

"It is not the past , what we do with our mind remember. In truth, each hour of our life, as it passes by, becomes embodied and concealed in some material object, as certain sagas maintain the souls of dead also do. They stay trapped there, as long as we meet this object accidently , recognize them in it, call them by name and thus release them." . . .

Proust - Contre Sainte-Beuve

The photos and other souvenirs from the past such as letters, ribbons, hair cutting etc. are collaged together to create a personal history mosaic.The mosaic is covered with plexi-glass which, in turn is covered with earth. Because the earth is moved by every step taken in the installation the objekts below plexi-glass are able to be seen. A sort of pathway is created by each viewer where one is able to experience the already discovered „stories“ of other visitors or to make his way on the search for his own.

Technical Specifications

description > analog interactive installation
components > photos, plexiglass, earth
> variable
premiere > 1999

Sponsored by > König GmbH Kunststoffprodukte