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CLEPSYDRA - kinetic video sound object

Clepsydra, a water clock that measures time by the escape of water. A video recording of a violent fire is projected upwards on a glass bowl, filled with a milky liquid, in order to make this projection visible. A loudspeaker on the pedestal underneath, makes a sound of a drop falling into water, which is amplified in the whole room. The loudspeaker transfer mechanical vibrations to the bowl and causes round, centric waves on the surface of the liquid. The fire obtains the features of the water, they unify with each other. The whole spectacle plays on the ceiling again, passing partly through the milky water in the bowl.

Technical Specifications

description > kinetic video sound objects
components > metal construction, plexiglass shell, video, projector, water
dimensions > 0,70 x 0,70 x 1,5 m
premiere > 2002